Beverly Hills Communities

Getting to know Beverly Hills

While Los Angeles is known worldwide as the center of the entertainment industry, Beverly Hills is regarded as the home of the glamorous people who work in the industry — the ultimate company town. The allure of its pristine and opulent homes, many owned by actors and executives in film, TV, music and sports, makes this a prestigious and sought-after community, both by those inside and outside the industry. For those seeking status, luxury and an unparalleled quality of life, this is the place to be. 
From the roaring ‘20s to the present day, Beverly Hills has been a place to see and be seen. Rodeo Drive, one of the most famous shopping streets in the world, is a destination for tourists and stars alike. The Golden Triangle surrounding it offers a wide range of dining, from ultimate chic to neighborhood friendly. Art galleries are abundant and full of works by highly sought-after artists.